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Research Videos

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Overview of the National Resource for Quantitative Proteomics

Protein Protein Interactions – Rick Edmondson

Phosphopeptides – Rick Edmondson

Failed Proteomics Experiments – Rick Edmondson

Experimental Design Sam Mackintosh

Protein Identification – Sam Mackintosh

Basics of Mass Spectrometry Rick Edmondson

Bioinformatics for Proteomics Stephanie Byrum

Quantitative Proteomics – Aaron Storey PhD

Targeted Proteomics Mike Kinter – Feb. 2021

Global Proteomics – Sam Mackintosh – 02/23/21

Proteomics Focused Bioinformatics Workshop 2021 – TMT, Phosphopeptide, and DIA workflows

Proteomics Focused Bioinformatics Workshop 2021 – MaxQuant Output and Limma Results

Bioinformatics Example Final Report – LIMMA