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Overview of Our Services

Our services allow us to offer innovative research by providing access to advanced quantitative proteomics platforms and staff skilled in interpreting and analyzing complex biological data.

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our scientists and other NIGMS-supported investigators.

Breakdown of Our Services

  • SRM and PRM Analysis
  • HRAM Analysis
  • Targeted Assay
  • Development
  • Full Data Analysis Support for Discovery & Targeted Services
  • Mascot & MaxQuant Database Searches
  • proteiNorm
  • ProteoViz
  • PTMViz
  • Targeted Analysis
  • Cell/Tissue Protein Extraction & Protease DigestionPlasma/Serum
  • Protein Depletion
  • Histone Extraction
  • SDSPAGE and In-Gel Digestion
  • Isobaric Labeling
  • Phosphopeptide Enrichment
  • Peptide Fractionation
  • Data-Independent Analysis

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