We strive to provide user-friendly services for state-of-the-art, quantitative proteomics that will guide the user from service request to sophisticated bioinformatics analysis to delivery of publication ready data. This resource will continue to support the biomedical research mission of NIGMS and NIH for both fundamental and translational research focused on human diseases.


  • Discovery proteomics: large-scale identification and quantification of proteins or protein posttranslational modifications from a complex biological sample. More information on the Discovery Proteomics Service Line can be found here.
  • Targeted proteomics: quantify levels of a small set of target proteins in a large number of samples. More information on the Targeted Proteomics Service Line can be found here.
  • Bioinformatics: analysis and interpretation of complex proteomics data to inform a biological question. More information on the Bioinformatics Service Line can be found here.