Proteomics Workshops hosted at UAMS focus on discovery-phase proteomics. Discovery-phase proteomics refers to the large-scale identification and quantification of proteins or protein posttranslational modifications from a complex biological sample such as cells in culture, tissues, or plasma. High-resolution and rapid sampling mass spectrometers that are operating in a data-dependent mode (i.e., collecting data in real time) are the foundation of discovery-phase proteomics. Discovery-phase proteomics generally utilizes 10s of samples and generates 1000s of candidate proteins for follow-up studies.

We offer workshops at every level of research; from Core Directors to Students. For more information on Discovery Phase Proteomics Workshops offered at UAMS, please see the appropriate link below.

Proteomics Core Facility Directors and Staff Workshop: February 21-22, 2019

Proteomics Faculty/Student Workshop: April 4-5, 2019