Service Lines

We divide the services provided through the resource into three different activities or “service lines”: Discovery Proteomics Service Line, Targeted Proteomics Service Line, and Bioinformatics Service Line. The Discovery Proteomics Service Line provides services for quantifying large numbers of proteins and protein PTMs in a limited number of samples. Some examples of these types of services include analysis by Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) and label-free methods. These workflows are amendable to complex protein mixtures, but often utilize fractionation and enrichment strategies to simplify samples for increased depth of analysis. We have an assortment of state-of-the-art mass spectrometers configured for these workflows. The Targeted Proteomics Service Line provides for quantifying a limited number of proteins or protein PTMs in a large number of samples. Some examples of these services are targeted quantification of proteins by selected reaction monitoring (SRM) and parallel reaction monitoring (PRM). We have a separate assortment of mass spectrometers configured specifically for these targeted services. The Bioinformatics Service Line is a unique option for users of our resource. We have a staff of bioinformaticians that are exclusively available to support our users. This team of bioinformaticians is trained in both the analysis of discovery and targeted proteomics datasets. Each user of the resource gets a complete bioinformatics analysis of their data.

More information on the discovery proteomics service line can be found  here.

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More information on the bioinformatics service line can be found here.