Discovery-Phase Proteomics Core Facility Staff Workshop

IDeA National Resource for Proteomics Discovery-Phase Proteomics Core Facility Staff Workshop

 April 4-6, 2017

The 2017 Proteomics Facility Staff Workshop emphasized new, cutting-edge technologies and approaches to discovery-phase proteomics. Attendees interacted with faculty and presenters on a variety of topics such as experimental design for proteomics experiments, sample preparation, data collection, data analysis and data interpretation. Presentations also covered non-scientific topics such as best business practices and writing shared instrumentation grants. In addition to lecture-style presentations, all attendees participated in round-table discussions and networking meetings. This year’s focus was sample preparation, data collection and data analysis using the Thermo Tandem Mass Tag system.

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Workshops are offered on an annual basis. Check back soon for information on the next workshop.

Workshop supported by a supplement to the Arkansas INBRE (P20GM103429-15S1) and Oklahoma INBRE (P20GM103447-17S1).

For more information on this or future workshops, contact Sonet Smitherman, Program Coordinator (

Hosted by:
Dr. Alan Tackett
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Mike Kinter
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation